The Importance of Being Reese: July 2018

Build-A-Bear: Pay Your Age Day

Now normally I'm not a deal blogger, but every once and a while a deal so good comes along that I feel compelled to share. Especially after having such a wonderful experience recently at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Concord recently.

Tomorrow, July 12th, Build-A-Bears all across America will open an hour early for a special day called Pay Your Age Day. This means, your child can build a stuffed animal for the price of their age. So, if your kids are 3 and 6 for example, you’ll only pay $3 and $6 respectively for each of their furry friends.

This is a HUGE deal because if you've ever been in a Build-A-Bear store (which let's face it is basically a requirement for parenting) then you know certain bears can be a bit pricey. Tomorrow, however, that will change.

5 Ways Great Wolf Lodge is Perfect for the Whole Family

A/N: This post is sponsored by Great Wolf Lodge, however, all thoughts and opinions about how awesome it is are truly my own. 

I admit, we've  lived in Charlotte for nearly 5 years. In that time, we've driven past Great Wolf Lodge hundreds of times. We've even seen the Groupons countless times. We've visited the website several times. And at least once a year, we get incredibly close to actually booking a night. Only to change our plans at the last minute in favor of the beach or mountains. After being invited to spend the day At Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte this past week, I'm kicking myself for not going sooner.
The cool thing about Great Wolf Lodge is that once you're there, you're there. You don't have to do much planning, or even set one foot outside the lodge to have fun. Once you walk through the doors, and into the lobby, your vacation begins.

So if you're like me and have had your doubts about whether or not Great Wolf Lodge is worth it, this post is definitely for you! Here is what you need to know about Great Wolf Lodge.