Build-A-Bear: Pay Your Age Day

Build-A-Bear: Pay Your Age Day

Now normally I'm not a deal blogger, but every once and a while a deal so good comes along that I feel compelled to share. Especially after having such a wonderful experience recently at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Concord recently.

Tomorrow, July 12th, Build-A-Bears all across America will open an hour early for a special day called Pay Your Age Day. This means, your child can build a stuffed animal for the price of their age. So, if your kids are 3 and 6 for example, you’ll only pay $3 and $6 respectively for each of their furry friends.

This is a HUGE deal because if you've ever been in a Build-A-Bear store (which let's face it is basically a requirement for parenting) then you know certain bears can be a bit pricey. Tomorrow, however, that will change.

But as always, there are certain things you need to be aware of...

While anyone can participate, those over 18 must be a member of their loyalty program called Bonus Club  and children will need to be accompanied by an adult who's a Bonus Club  member. You'll want to do this BEFORE you get to the store tomorrow to avoid the insanely long lines.

Speaking of getting there, you're likely going to want to get there a bit early to avoid the crowd. Though you'll likely still have a bit of a wait, it will certainly be a bit less than if you were to wait until 1 PM.

There’s also a limit of one stuffed animal per guest, and it’s only valid on the stuffed animals, excluding outfits, accessories, and any extras.

So I don't know what your plans are tomorrow, but as a for me and my family, we will be building bears. Hope to see you there!

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