Going Back to School in Style with Justice #LiveJustice

Going Back to School in Style with Justice #LiveJustice

This post is sponsored by Justice, however, all thoughts and opinions about how insanely cute their clothing is belong to me and my girl. Enjoy! 

I have a terrible habit of waiting until the last minute to kick things into Back-To-School gear. Every year, the first day of school sneaks up on me and catches me off guard. For that entire first week I'm typically completely in a haze, unorganized, and frantic. Especially when it comes to back-to-school clothing for Little J. By the time I actually get around to shopping, all the good stuff is gone.

This year I've decided to beat the back-to-school rush by getting started early. This year we went all out and kicked it into high gear with Justice during their back-to-school VIP fashion show. And to quote Little J "It. Was. Amazing."  The clothes were incredibly cute this year. I even found myself asking, "does this come in my size?" a few times.

When we arrived at our local Justice store, we were greeted by signs, balloons and of course, tons of super excited little girls ready to rock the runway. We spent the first 30 minutes taking laps around the store. Little J wanted to wear everything, so it took her a moment to pick out her outfit. Once her outfit was picked, we headed to the fitting room and got dressed for the show.

When she finished getting all geared up for the show, we hit the accessories section to find some cute accents to make to make her outfit "pop" even more! There was so much to choose from this year, bright socks, heart-shaped glasses, and tons of adorable backpacks. Even I found myself asking if I was too old for some of the accessories,,,

She was so excited about her final look. I'd say she did pretty good!

This was my girls first fashion show, and let me tell, she rocked it like a pro. She even styled her outfit all by herself. to be honest one of the reasons I love Justice so much is that it's pretty hard to NOT put together the perfect outfit. Everything just sort of magically matches, even when it doesn't. Which is why it is the perfect starter store for tween fashion. 

But seriously, a great glittery time was had by everyone. After all what's better than spending a bit of mommy/daughter time surrounded by cute clothes, bright colors and glitter? Not much, except maybe cupcakes, but there were plenty of those at the event.

So here are some trends you'll want to track this season...

Paris is Where it's At

For all of you parents that may be curious, yes, emoji's are still in. This is the second year that Emojis have reigned supreme, and they're showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Glitter Galore

As showcased by every little girl (and lets me honest, mom) glitter will never go out of style. And the cool thing about Justice glitter, is unlike other glitter, it actually remain on the clothes, and not on the floor, the walls, in your cheerios...

Bright and Shiny

Like our favorite villain from the Moana movie, shiny is in. Again. In fact, I'm 100% positive that at Justice, it will never go out of style.

Want to see more of our footage from the Justice Back-To-School fashion show and see what's in style for the 2018 school year? Be sure to check out the #livejustice hastag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned to check out our upcoming 2018 Back-to-School Justice haul!

Until next time! #LiveJustice

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