The Importance of Being Reese: August 2018

Back-To-School Ruler Cupcakes

Kick off a new school year with these easy to make Back-To-School Ruler Cupcakes! 

Another day, another school year.

I've admittedly been counting down the days until the beginning of the school year. Pre-kid me never really understood why moms feared the start of summer. Post-kid me knows all to well the reality of summer break when you're a mom.

But I digress.

To mark the beginning of a new school year, I've used my last bit of creative burst to whip up these adorable Back-To-School Ruler Cupcakes. Like them? Check out the instructions below.

5 All Natural Kitchen Cleaners That Actually Work

The kitchen is where I spend most of my time cleaning. For such a small space, it tends to get dirty fast. And since there's a baby in the house again, I'm especially mindful of all the chemicals in store-bought cleaners. Some of that stuff is enough to keep you awake a night, or at the very least, inspire you to make some changes in your cleaning habits.

Recently I've started mixing up my own cleaners and now I'm a bit obsessed. Not only are these cleaners chemical free, but they do just as good as job as the store-bought cleaners, and they're much cheaper to make. If you're looking to save a buck, or cut down on chemicals in your kitchen, try these 5 All Natural Kitchen Cleaners:

DIY Cardboard Creativity Box

A/N: This post is sponsored by Paper & Packaging-- How Life Unfolds® campaign. However, all thoughts, opinions and ideas belong to me and Little J. Enjoy!

When I was a kid, summer was like a mythological creature. I spent all school year eagerly awaiting it's arrival. The anticipation would build and build, until finally, it appeared. And then two weeks into summer, I was already bored and anticipating the arrival of the new school year. This went on for years. Rinse, recycle, repeat.

So I wasn't the least bit surprised when Little J started complaining about being bored last week and started to ask for more screen time. In fact, I was already two steps ahead of her and ready with a plan-- A creativity box.

It was perfect for two reasons: one, it allowed her a creative outlet. I've noticed in the more recent months she's started to form an interest colors, style and even a bit of decorating. Designing her own creativity box gave her the opportunity to tap into those new found interests. And two, it would give her the opportunity to occupy herself with something other than a tablet, or tv.