That One Time We Were In The O, Oprah Magazine

That One Time We Were In The O, Oprah Magazine

Yes, you read that title correctly. If you're on my personal Facebook page, you know by now that my family was one of the four families selected to participate in a special Thanksgiving article in the November issue of the O, Oprah Magazine. We were highlighted because our family has deep military roots and our love of Korean and Soul food make for one flavorful Thanksgiving dinner.

We had such an awesome time recreating our typical Thanksgiving traditions, but were a bit sad that Mr. A wasn't able to join us. But because the magazine is so awesome (and he called to video chat right during our interviews) he was able to make a small cameo in the online video, which you can see here:

If you didn't get a chance to grab a physical copy, you can still swing by the new and read more about us:

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